19 October 2011

A little laugh

You all may have read about the Iranian plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador to the U.S. using a Mexican Drug Cartel assassin, who may or may not have been a CIA operative.

Here's how I imagine the information changed hands:

CIA Assassin: So an Iranian intelligence officer and an assassin walk into a Mexican bar looking to assassinate the Suadi Ambassador.
FBI Agent: What’s the punch line?
CIA Assassin: I’m the f***ing punchline!

13 October 2011

The Prophecy

In Maelstrom a prophecy one hundred generations in the making binds a demon to Theldun, a wizard born in the sacred month of Galorn. Can he fulfill the prophecy before the world drowns in blood

Three times the Great Usurper Rise
Twice the false heir slain
Once the Son burnt
One side the world claim

As it was written so shall it be

Into the hands of government shall be given the Sword
forged in the blood of a hundred generations
Born on the last day of Galorn
The Sword will slay the Usurper
or serve him.

When the Line is broken,
The Great usurper shall wash the world in blood.