02 January 2014

2014 Here We Come

Guten Rutsch in neues Jahr! (Good slide into the new year!)

I'm fairly certain that all of us are glad to see 2013 out of the way.  Despite the recovering market, improved job prospects, etc., I don't think I've talked to anyone that voted 2013 as their best year so far (except maybe my sister, but she's biased because the year ended with her getting engaged, and even then, there were enough bumps and bruises in 2013 to perhaps dislodged even that bias).

With that: "Hello, 2014!"  And "Hello" to a new year of themes for Thomas Mercurial.  This year, I'm going to be focusing more on essay and personal memoir.  If you think that your life is boring, and you don't have any stories worth telling, then I highly encourage you to read the posts this year.  No matter how mundane your life may seem to you, I guarantee that there are portions of it that are riotously funny and heartrendingly sad — bonus points from a writerly standpoint if you can do both in one story.  Whether something is worth telling or not is all a matter of perspective, and no one has the perspective that you have.

Now let's be like a good whiskey and deliver 2014 a good kick in the teeth.

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