14 July 2014

New Series: What's ACTUALLY Trending Pt.1

Hey all, thanks for coming back or thanks for coming to read this for the first time.  Given the huge and never-waning popularity of the microblogging tool Twitter, and also given the beautiful amounts of news and opinions that are instantly at our fingertips, I've decided it's time to start a new series on what trends are ACTUALLY happening.  

This first post relates to what's happening with our current southern border control issues in the USA.  In case you live under a rock, the main thrust of things is this: children from Central and South America have been travelling thousands of miles, alone, in order to plead for asylum within the USA and possibly have a more vibrant future. This could be a story of great hope and compassion on the part of a Global Superpower, except it isn't.
Image Copyright of Matt Comer, Mattcomer.net

Given the shouts and the opinions of many of the anti-immigration protesters, and then the argument that God Himself established our borders thus crossing into a different country is a sin (the same underlying logic that established the Divine Right to Rule of monarchs, so I hope you don't like voting), I think the best article capturing the heart of the issue from a Christian standpoint is this post found on Wonkette, particularly this passage:
As Jesus said, when I was hungry, you screamed in my face and chanted USA, when I was thirsty, you screamed in my face and chanted USA, and when I was a child thousands of miles from her mother or father trying to escape a failed state, you said
“Who’s going to pay for them?” he asked. “What kind of criminality will happen?”
“The Democrats are making it easy for them to come here so they can produce more Democratic voters,” he said
and then you blocked my bus until it was turned around and sent to a different baby jail, because we don’t want yer kind in Murrietta, and NOBAMA better stop luring disease-ridden children to our glorious land with a promise of super-cush prison cells before they are deported.
-- <http://wonkette.com/553398/california-gets-in-on-hot-fun-screaming-at-brown-babies-action#o3yb3EUWzK8tZbZm.99>
So in light of all of this Hypocrisy and the incredibly poor representation of Christ that we American Christians are showing, I propose this new hashtag:

And that's what's ACTUALLY trending.

Thanks for reading.

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