23 January 2013

How I Lost All My FB Friends, 16: Phishing for compliments

We all have friends that are Acolytes of a certain brand (often Google or Apple). To lose those friends, I recommend the following approach:

"I've been trapped in Bing for five days, and this Nigeri-Tron prince says he can get me out, but only if you mail me your (Android/iPhone) and $5000 to get the internets flowing the right way.  Please help!"

Worst comes to worst, you keep the friend AND $5000.  So really, it's a win-win (for you, not them).  Aaaaand, you get to fabricate a story about being stuck in the Tronverse AND meeting a friendly prince.  (Is that a win-win-win?... A win squared-win?...)

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