30 January 2013

How I Lost All My FB Friends, 23

Almost everyone these days has some sort of college debt.  In fact, a quick tour around Change.org will reveal dozens upon dozens of people petitioning for signatures on their petition to help them pressure the loan companies to forgive their college loans.

The real way to lose these friends is to torque them where it hurts: in the perfect world of what could have been.

"Hey, [name], did you know that Germany has almost $0 tuition AND healthcare is included if you're a student?"

Watch as that "friends" ticker plummets to 0.

Thanks for reading.  This will be the last update for January, because in February, I'm starting a different cycle.  One that will update on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule.  This cycle will feature short stories written by yours truly.  Feel free to send in prompts, if I like it, I'll write a story about it!

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