12 January 2013

How I lost all my FB friends, Episode Five

A little perspective:

"Wow!  That is a startling statistic.  Can I get some sources for that?"

Alternately, you can use truthorfiction.com or Snopes.com to check out the veracity on someone's claims and then point out how gullible the person is.  What fun! 


Molly Whitt said...

Wait... This makes you loose friends? ... I've been doing facebook wrong :/

-Heydon said...

Some people just take offense very easily. Egos of the internet crumble!

sackofcatfood said...

Pointing out someone's gullibility spoils the fun. Instead, play along. Your goal is to push them to precisely that point where it doesn't seem *quite* right to them, but they still tentatively accept it. Any farther and you lose. (Scoring is like blackjack.)

-Heydon said...

Mr. Catfood, you are a true professional. Perhaps a fabricated internet resource that upholds this new, slightly more tenuous claim could create a self-perpetuating mechanism? Why fool one person, when you could fool a village through that one fool? Plus then you're set up for a promising career in politics.