14 January 2013

How I lost all my FB Friends, episode 7

We all have that friend that really thinks that they are photogenic, but... well, you know what's next.  One of the rules of the universe is that person has to post photos of themselves incessantly, forever lurking just below the "older posts" bar.  Waiting.
But today, instead of saying, "Hey, dude, that eyeliner makes you look like the joker -- and no, that won't get you chicks, man.  I mean you REALLY look like a spree killer.  Listen, only Johnny Depp can wear eyeliner and make ladies swoon," you can simply fix the problem for everyone.  Give them a link to this hat.  That way you gain a cool dwarf friend and NOBODY has to see your -- well, you know what's next -- friend.  Everybody wins.  

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